Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get Skinny, XL (SOLD)

(picture credited to Beetch)

I am reselling Beetch's popular skinny jeans in BLACK, size XL.
Just received yesterday, only worn for trying for a minute, had to take it off - too tight for me.
If I could ever lose another inch or two around the hips, the jeans would be perfect for me! Sobs.

Measurements as given by Beetch:
xl (38.5" length, 17" low waist, 20" hips, 7.5" from waist to groin)

Low-waisted, super-skinny and ankle tight.

Bought at RM40 without postage.
Selling at RM40 with FREE Pos Ekspress!

E-mail or text 012-6301537 to get it!

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