Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Red Devil

Category: Pumps (covered)
Bought from: http://theglammarket.blogspot.com
$$$: RM66 excluding postage
RESELLING FOR: RM55 with postage!

Worn once for a few hours, LIKE-NEW.

The Naked Stud

Category: Pumps (covered), 5-inch heels (I measured)
Bought from; when: The Fashion Barrage; September 2010
$$$: RM120 (excluding postage) I think? Can't remember
RESELLING FOR: RM110 with postage!
I bought these for two reasons. Reason #1 - I needed a nude pair (they look pretty nude on a typical Malay girl with tanned skin like me), and reason #2 - the studs seemed fierce (I was going through the everything-must-be-studded mania at that time). I was pretty ecstatic when I first laid my hands on them, because they were visually perfect! Smooth nubuck suede, sturdy ultra-high heels, comfy padded insoles and immaculate workmanship. The seller was pretty efficient in answering all my queries prior to purchase, and after paying, I got them the next day. I tried them on, and I found out they were about a size too big (they are US10) for me - bummer. So I bought the gel thing you stick at the back to make them fit better, but it didn't work. THEN I noticed that the insoles have these tiny, tiny micro-holes, like pig-skin lining. I did some research, but still couldn't decide whether they are really made of pig-skin lining or not, and I did not have time to ask a professional (read: cobbler) about them. So, I think I'm gonna resell this pair. I'm so reluctant actually, because I've been looking for a nude pair everywhere, forever. If only they are a size smaller, and don't have those tiny suspicious micro-holes..
So, do you know anyone who might be interested in them? Guaranteed like brand-new, except for a few VERY faint scratches on the purple outer soles, and a missing stud on one side of the heels (already missing when I got them from the seller). Buzz me!

Rating: Hotness - 5/5
Comfort - 5/5

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Comfy!

You know the drill, babes!
E-mail or SMS me.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Black and White (BOTH PAIRS SOLD)

The Snow White is from Vincci, bought at RM69, worn once only for a few hours. Very stable with cork chunky heels, you'll feel like a princess when you don them on.

The Black Mesh is bought from Elements store in Pavillion at RM69.90. They have never been worn. Sexy red soles a la Louboutin, you're definitely gonna love them!

E-mail sunshinehomicide@gmail.com or text 012-6301537 to get them!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Striped, Studded and Scrunched (SOLD)

Letting go of this unique top I bought from Stylisters some time back.

Worn twice lightly.
All studs still perfectly intact.
The second & third pictures are the scrunches on the lower part of the top. If you don't like them, you can get rid of 'em easily with some minor scissors-work! :)

Fits up to UK14 nicely. I'm in between UK12-14, loved that flowy feeling! (mail me for measurements)
Stretchable cotton.

Bought for RM40 with postage.
It came with a free ribbon belt, but I misplaced it (lol), so I'm selling it for a low, low price of RM20 with FREE Pos Ekspress! (sold)

Get Skinny, XL (SOLD)

(picture credited to Beetch)

I am reselling Beetch's popular skinny jeans in BLACK, size XL.
Just received yesterday, only worn for trying for a minute, had to take it off - too tight for me.
If I could ever lose another inch or two around the hips, the jeans would be perfect for me! Sobs.

Measurements as given by Beetch:
xl (38.5" length, 17" low waist, 20" hips, 7.5" from waist to groin)

Low-waisted, super-skinny and ankle tight.

Bought at RM40 without postage.
Selling at RM40 with FREE Pos Ekspress!

E-mail sunshinehomicide@gmail.com or text 012-6301537 to get it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Are You A Shoesaholic?

I finally got some time to upload more shoes here.

Do take some time to ogle, ponder and debate.
When done, do not hesitate to contact sunshinehomicide@gmail.com or text 012-6301537 should you have any inquiries!

Until next time, happy shopping!